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SXC Certified Organic and 100% Botanical.

VIROCURE is a natural herbal formulation having highly potent principles for the control of plant pathogenic viruses.  Virocure is an aqueous extract of active ingredients from medicinal plants like Lantana camera, Boerhavia diffusa, Bougainvillea diffuse stabilized with herbal extract concentrates in aqueous solution.   Since the formulation is an aqueous extract, Virocure is easily absorbed by the plants when sprayed.    
Once the active ingredients reach the plant metabolic system, it migrates to the disease affected parts of the plant and effects the control activities.   Since Virocure is made from the plant parts, the active ingredient gets hydrolyzed within the plant system and does not leave any toxic residues on the plants or on the yield.
VIROCURE belongs to the category of broad-spectrum Viricide as the active ingredient prevents and cures the damages caused by incapacitates the feeding capability of common plant parasitic viruses, like Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Bunchy Top Virus, Citrus Tristeza Virus, Lettuce necrotic yellows Virus (Rhabdovirus), etc.  Even the infected plants will recover faster to resume normal growth process to produce a significant yield.    

Nonema – Organic and 100% Botanical

Mode of Action

Virocure protects the plants & yield by controlling the plant parasitic viruses through:
  • It encapsulates the virus protein within the plant system and prevents further multiplication.
  • The active ingredient retards the formation of the outer cell wall of the Virus thus making the protein susceptible for plant metabolic enzymes that converts this into amino acids for growth.
  • Since the encapsulation happens, the movement of virus protein within the plant system is arrested to ensure the spread within the plant system.
  • The spread of the virus from one plant to other will also be checked effectively enabling continued farming even after infestation is observed in some of the plants.
  • Timely application of Virocure before susceptible stage will ensure complete protection to the plants.


Virocure is well suited for Organic Agriculture and in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs because of the following salient features:  
  • Virocure is a natural product, absolutely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Prevents all virus infestations when applied at the early stage of the plant.
  • The infested plants recover fully when treated with Virocure and even grow well to give the yields. It is not required to cut and burn the plants as practised in many parts of the world.
  • Virocure does not destroy natural predators and parasites of pests thereby allowing these natural enemies to thrive to keep a check on the nematode population.
  • Virocure is harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, honeybees, mammals and other vertebrates.

Target Pathogenic Viruses of Crops:

Virocure protects the crops against the infestation of Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Bunchy Top Virus, Citrus Tristeza Virus, Lettuce necrotic yellows Virus (Rhabdovirus), etc.  These viruses usually cause economic damages to Tobacco, Banana, Chilies, Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper, Vegetables, Citrus, Cotton, Tuber crops and various economically important crops.


The ideal dosage for preventive treatment is 4 ml per lit of clean water.  When to be sprayed on the infected fields it is recommended to mix Neemz or Bug Off at the rate of 3 ml per lt of Virocure solution as this will also control the insect vectors.

Mode of application:

Apply as a foliar spray to cover the above-ground parts of the plants. The ideal time to spray is early in the morning or late in the evening when wind velocity is less.  When spraying on the above-ground portions, ensure to apply on the underside of the leaves and flowers to ensure complete protection to the crops.   For best results after observing infestation repeat the spray twice at an interval of 15 days along with Neem Raz or Bug Off.

Pack sizes available:

Virocure is available in 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml, 10 Lt and 200 Lt packs.


Ingredient Composition in %
Lantana camera extracts 8 %
Boerhavia diffusa extracts 7 %
Bougainvillea diffuse 6 %
Herbal Extract stabilizer 4 %
Distilled water 75 %
Total 100 %

Technical specifications:

Sl No Parameters Value / Description
1 Product name VIROCURE
2 Physical state Liquid
3 Appearance Golden reddish yellow to dark brown colour, free-flowing liquid
4 Odour Characteristic odour of digested herbs
5 Specific gravity 1.05 gm / ml
6 pH 6.1
7 Solubility Fully soluble in water
8 Cold test No turbidity, no separation was observed

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