Seaweed fertiliser


Sargasol is made of seaweed extract, having growth promoting phyto hormones, trace elements and natural amino acids

Sargasol - Organic Seaweed liquid fertiliser

Feeding growth and bountiful yields

Seaweed Extract

Sargassum seaweed is a naturally and organically available in Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is high in nutrition than many other seaweeds.

Gibberellins & Cytokinins

Naturally present plant hormones helps accelerate growth and bud breaking. Sargasol helps plants fruit and flower in bounty

Trace Elements & Amino Acids

Sargasol is fortified with plant proteins and trace elements in their natural forms, which help the plant to stay healthy, stress free and productive.

Sargasol can be used on many plants. Some of the plants are

Sargasol Crops

Sargasol – Organic Liquid Fertiliser

The aim of all fertilisers is to assist with increased crop yields, and as an organic liquid fertiliser, Sargasol provides that goal. Sargasol sets itself apart from traditional fertilisers, with the use of natural products which provide added benefits that increase crop production.

Sargassum Seaweed

Sargasol has been created using Sargassum Seaweed grown naturally in coastal and backwater systems. As Sargassum seaweed is a natural product, it is eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-hazardous to humans and non-hazardous to soil structures. This product, is also known as a biofertiliser, for the biological properties of the ingredients. Sargasol, using the Sargassum seaweed is natural and therefore rich in diverse compounds, in turn aiding in crop production.

How Sargasol Works

  • The phytohormone present in Sargasol works in tandem with existing growth factors in the plant system and stimulates active growth.
  • The active ingredients in Sargasol influences cell enlargement, division and elongation.
  • Sargasol helps to moderate the hormonal and enzyme balance of the plants to ensure enhanced nutrient uptake of nutrients from the soil.
  • The growth factors in Sargasol ensure uninterrupted protein synthesis to augment growth of active tissues mainly apical meristem.
 The benefits of using Sargasol are:
  • Improves vegetative growth of plants.
  • Increases metabolic efficiency thereby enhances nutrient uptakes for balanced growth.
  • Increases the flower and fruit production.
  • Reduces the flower and immature fruit falls through hormonal balances.
  • Increases the quality of the produce significantly.
  • Enables the plants to achieve its genetic potential in terms of yield and biomass production.
  • Enables the plants to recover from biotic and abiotic stress. Crops recover faster after flood, drought pest damages etc.
  • Sargasol is biodegradable and ecofriendl

Nutrients and Analysis

Total Organic Matter60.81%Copper Cu3.61 g/l
Nitrogen N3.59Sodium Na3.52 g/l
Phosphorus P0.19Calcium Ca1.26 g/l
Potassium K0.31Boron B0.141 g/l
Sulphur S33.3 g/lMolybdenum Mo0.013 g/l
Zinc Zn13.2 g/lAmino Acids11.31 g/l
Magnesium Mg6.80 g/lGibberellins0.01 g/l
Manganese Mn6.01 g/lCytokinin s0.01 g/l
Iron Fe5.31 g/lProtein Hydrolyses22.45 w/v
Sargasol. Premium Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

Sargasol Information

Sargasol Method of Application


Dilute Sargasol to a ratio of 3-7ml Sargasol to 1 litre of water

Preparation of Sargasol spray solution

Shake the bottle well to achieve a consistent viscosity. Add 3-7 ml of Sargasol to a spray bottle, add a little quantity of water from the litre of water & mix well. Add the remaining quantity of water to make up the volume of spray solution.

For inputs in farms and orchards. Shake the bottle well, add  5ltrs of the Sargasol bottle into a bucket of water and stir to achieve a consistent mixture and then add the mixture into a 1000 Ltrs tank. 

Application of Sargasol spray solution

The ideal method of application for a fast response from plants, is to spray the leaves. Apply to the underside of the leaves. For the best results, spray on days with no rain and little wind.

Sargasol application times

it is recommended that you spray the plants twice. The first spray should occur during the vegetative stage (leafy phase) and the second application to be applied just before the budding stage.

Spraying Sargasol solution prior to bud formation ensures higher flowering rates, along with a reduction in flower drops and immature fruit falls.

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