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SXC Certified Organic and 100% Botanical.

FUNGISTOP is a natural herbal formulation having highly potent principles for the control of a wide range of plant pathogenic fungi.  Fungistop is an aqueous extract of active ingredients from temperate trees like Ivy and Oak.  Fungistop is found to be effective against a wide range of Fungal attack on the plants right from damping-off fungi to fruit rotting fungi.   Since the formulation is an aqueous extract, Fungistop is easily absorbed by the plants when sprayed to bring about faster control measures. 
Once the active ingredients reach the plant metabolic system, it migrates to the infected zone and encapsulates the fungal body and prevents further spread within the plant system.  Since Fungistop is made from the temperate trees, the active ingredient gets hydrolyzed within the plant system and does not leave any toxic residues on the plants or on the yield
FUNGISTOP belongs to the category of broad-spectrum Fungicide as the active ingredient incapacitates the fungi from producing more mycelia and arrests sporulation process.  Fungistop is found to be affecting in controlling most of the common fungi causing diseases like Damping off, Leaf Spots, Anthracnose, Mildews, etc.   When the infected plants are treated with Fungistop, these plants will recover completely and grow well to produce the yields.  The spread of the Fungi from one plant to another will also be controlled when the entire field is sprayed with Fungistop. 

FUNGISTOP – Organic and 100% Botanical

Mode of Action

Fungistop protects the plants & yield by controlling the plant pathogenic fungi through:

  • Incapacitating the growth of mycelia and arresting sporulation process.
  • It prevents further spread of the fungi within the plant as well as to other plants due to arresting of the sporulation
  • The active ingredient retards the growth of fungus and stops before entering into reproducing


Fungistop is well suited for Organic Agriculture and in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs because of the following salient features:

  • Fungistop is a natural product, absolutely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Prevents Fungal Infestation when applied at the early stage of the plant.
  • The infested plants recover fully when treated with Fungistop and even grow well to give the yields.
  • Effectively controls the fungi that cause Damping off, Anthracnose, Root rots, Flower and fruit rots, Leaf spots, Mildews, Blights and Die Back diseases.

Target Plants

Fungistop is recommended to be used in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices, tubers, plantations, etc where the above-mentioned fungal infestation and damages are common.

Mode of application

Apply as a foliar spray to cover the above-ground parts and undertake soil drenching to protect the roots and tubers from fungal infestations.

The ideal time to spray is early in the morning or late in the evening when wind velocity is less.  When spraying on the above-ground portions, ensure to apply on the underside of the leaves and flowers to ensure complete protection to the crops.  For best results after observing infestation repeat the spray twice at an interval of 15 days.


IngredientComposition in %
Bitter Oak9 %
Bitter Ivy7 %
Herbal Extract Stabilizer4 %
Distilled water80 %

Technical specifications:

Sl NoParametersValue / Description
1Product NameFungistop
2Physical stateLiquid
3AppearanceDark yellow to Dark Brown with a green tinge, free-flowing liquid.
4OdourCharacteristic Odour of digested herbs
5Specific gravity1.07 gm / ml
7SolubilityFully soluble in water
8Cold TestNo turbidity, no separation of solid.


Crop diseases that can be controlled with Fungistop
Alternaria leaf diseaseEarly leaf spotRice Grassy stunt disease
Alternaria leaf spotErgotRoot Rot
AnthracnoseFoot Rot or WiltRoot rot
Anthracnose and Red RotFusarium stalk rotRust
Anthracnose/pod blightGrain discolourationScab/Verucosis
Areolate or Grey mildewGreeningSclerotinia Stem Rot
Bacterial blightGrey BlightSeedling blight/leaf blight/leaf spot
Bakanae disease/foot rotGummosisSheath Blight
Bipolaris Leaf SpotHead MoldSheath Rot
BlastHead SmutSmut
Brown spotHeart rotSooty mould
Brown SpotLate leaf spotSorghum downy mildew
Brown stripe downy mildewLeaf and Fruit rotStem end rot
Cercospora leaf blight, leaf spot and Purple seed stainLeaf ScaldStem rot / Foot rot
Cercospora leaf spotLong SmutStem rot
Cereal Grain MoldsLoose smutThielaviopsis rot
Charcoal stalk RotMango malformationTurcicum Leaf Blight (TLB
Cigar end rotPanama WiltWhite Rust
Covered Kernel SmutPapaya ring spotWhite spot
Curvularia Leaf SpotPowdery mildewYellow sigatoka
Damping off / Root RotPythium stalk rot 
Downy MildewRed rust 

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