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Bug Off protects the plants & yield by controlling the growth of pest population through:


BUG OFF is a natural herbal formulation having highly potent pest control properties.  Bug Off is made from a selective aqueous distillation of active principles of Adathoda species and Vitex species.  This herbal formulation is effective against a wide range of insect pests of agricultural Plants.  BUG OFF can be used as a curative agent as it has Knock Down action on the insect pests.  The regular application of Bug Off will ensure complete protection to plants and yields. 
BUG OFF belongs to the category of broad-spectrum botanical insecticide and works as a contact and systemic poison to insect pests.  The active compounds of Bug Off will bring down the pest population really faster due to curative properties.  The organic compounds derived from the herbs do not leave any toxic residues on the plant and yield and will hydrolyze in the plant system. 

BUG OFF – Organic and 100% Botanical

Mode of Action

Bug Off protects the plants & yield by controlling the growth of pest population through:

  • As repellant, the aromatic principles of the product repel the adults from feeding the Plants.
  • As contact poison to the insect pests. The active principles of Vitex affect the digestive and reproductive organs of the insect pests.
  • As systemic poison. The active ingredient of Bug Off will be absorbed by the plants and imparts resistance to insect
  • As a knock-down Bug Off has knock-down action on soft-bodied pests and ensures a sudden reduction in the pest population.


Bug Off is well suited for Organic Agriculture and in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs because of the following salient features:

  • Bug Off is a natural product, absolutely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Bug Off consists of several aromatic and complex organic compounds, pest resurgence is slow or absent.
  • Bug Off does not destroy natural predators and parasites of pests thereby allowing these natural enemies to thrive to keep a check on the pest population.
  • Bug Off is harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, honeybees, mammals and other vertebrates.
  • When used in combination with synthetic formulation, Bug Off ensures prolonged protection.

BUG OFF can be used on many plants. Some of the plants are

Bug Off protects the Plants against the infestation of all sorts of bugs including all soft-bodied insects, Aphids, Fruitfly, Mealy Bugs, Thrips, Caterpillars, Hoppers, Beetles, Weevils, Root and Shoot boring insects, Grubs, etc.


The ideal dosage for preventive treatment is 3 ml per lit of clean water.  And if used after the incidence of the pests use 5 ml per lit of water.

Mode of application:

  • Apply as a foliar spray to cover the above-ground parts and undertake soil drenching to protect the roots from root feeding insects/soil-borne insects.
  • The ideal time to spray is early in the morning or late in the evening when wind velocity is less.
  • When spraying on the above-ground portions, ensure to apply on the underside of the leaves and flowers to ensure complete protection to the Plants.
  • For best results after observing infestation repeat the spray twice at an interval of 15 days.


Bug Off is certified for Organic Agriculture as per NOP and EU standards by ECOCERT.


IngredientComposition in %
Vitex Negundo Leaf Extract25 %
Adathoda vasica25 %
Lime (Calcium carbonate) Liquid as Neutralizer2%
Fermented Neem Kernel Extract aqua concentrated48 %

Technical specifications:

Sl NoParametersValue / Description
1Product NameBug Off
2Physical stateLiquid
3AppearanceDark Brown, Homogeneous Stable Liquid and free from Visible extraneous matter.
4OdourCharacteristic odour
5Specific gravity1.617
7Cold testNo separation, No sediments of solid.
8SolubilityFully soluble in water


Name of the CropPest NameScientific name
RiceSpiny beetleRice hispa, Dicladispa armigera
Leaf folder (or) leaf rollerCnaphalocrocis mainsails / Marasmia patnalis
MealybugBrevennia rehi
Rice earhead bugLeptocorisa acuta
Rice case worm Nymphula depunctalis
Gall midge Orseolia oryzae
Whorl maggot Hydrellia sasakii
CottonAsh weevilsMylloecerus undecimpustulatus
Cotton Stem WeevilPempheres (Pempherulus) affinis
Mealy bugsPhenacoccus sp, Ferrisa spand Maconellicoccus sp
Dusky cotton bugOxycarenushyalinipennis
PineappleRhinoceros beetleOryctes rhinoceros
LimeCitrus psyllidDiaphorina citri
Mealy bugPlanoccus citri
MangoMango stem borerBatocera rufomaculata
Shoot borerClumetia transversa
Mango nut weevilSternochaetus mangiferae
Gaint mealybugDrosicha mangiferae
PapayaFruit flyBactrocera (Dacus) dorsalis
Plantain , BananaRhizome weevilCosmopolites sordidus
Tingid or Lace wing bugStephanitis typicus
Sweet OrangeLeaf minerPhyllocnistis citrella
CumbuStink bug:Nezara viridula
Grain midgeGeromyia penniseti
KURAKKAN /Finger milletWhite stem borerSaluria inficita
Earhead bugCalocoris angustatus
MAIZEPink stem borerSesamia inferens
Ash weevilMyllocerus sp.
Web wormCryptoblabes gnidiella
SorghumShoot bug:Peregrinus maidis
Shoot bugPeregrinus maidis
Sorghum midge, Earhead bug, Black mouldContarinia sorghicola
GINGELLY, SESAMELeaf hopperOrosius albicinctus
Linseed gall flyDasyneura sesame
GroundnutGram pod borerHelicoverpa armigera
Groundnut bud borerAnarsia ephippias
Jewel beetleSphenoptera indica
Pod borerAnisolabis stalli
Sun flowerCapitulum borer (Head borer)Helicoverpa armigera
ArecanutSpindle bugCarvalhoia arecae
CashewnutStem borerPlocaederus obesus
CoconutCoconut SkipperGangara thyrsis ; Suastus gremius
Coreid BugParadasynus rostratus
Lacewing BugStephanitis typicus
CoffeeShot hole borerXylosandrus compactus
Coffee berry borerHypothenemus hampei
Red borerZeuzera coffeae
TeaFlush wormCydia leuocostoma
Tea tortixHomona coffearia
Pulses (Cowpea, Green Gram, Soybean etc.)Pod bugsRiptortus pedestris
Lab lab bug or Stink bugCoptosoma cribraria
Blister beetleMylabris phalerata
Spiny pod boreEtiella zinckenella
Spotted pod borerMaruca testulalis
Blister beetleMylabris phalerata
Girdle beetleOberea (Obereopsis) brevis
Gram pod borerHelicoverpa armigera
CardamomRoot grubsBasilepta fulvicorne
Shoot panicle and capsule borerDichocrocis (Conogethes) punctiferalis
CinamonLeaf minersConopomorpha civica
GingerShoot borerConogethes punctiferalis
MustardLeaf webberCrocidolomia binotalis
Painted bugBargrada hilaris cruciferarum
PepperPollu beetleLongitarsus nigripennis
Top shoot borerLaspeyresia hemidoxa
White tailed mealy bugFerrisia virgata
SugarcaneMealybugSaccharicoccus sacchari
Early shoot borerChilo infuscatellus snellen
Internode BorerChilo sacchariphagus indicus
Bhendi, Brinjal, Chillies, Tomato, Leeks, Capsicum, Cucurbits, Onion, Gourds, etc.Leaf rollerSylepta derogata
Stem weevilPempherulus affinis
Red cotton bugDysdercus cingulatus
Shoot weevilAlcidodes affaber
Ear wig:Euborellia annulipes
Red Pumpkin BeetleAulacophora foveicollis)
Ash weevilsMyllocerus subfasciatus, M. discolor, M. viridanus
Lace wing bugUrentius hystricellus
Stem borerEuzophera perticella
Cabbage borerHellula undalis
Diamond back mothPlutella xylostella
Silverleaf whiteflyBemisia tabaci Biotype B)
Spiralling whiteflyAleurodicus dispersus)
Tobacco cutwormSpodoptera litura
Pumpkin beetles, Red and Purple beetleAulacophora foveicollis, A.Intermedia
Stem gall flyNeolasioptera falcata
LeafminersLyriomyza spp
Ear wigEuborellia annulipes
Serpentine leaf minerLiriomyza trifolii
Carrot, Beet root, Potato, Cassava, Sweeet PotatoCarrot weevilListronotus oregonensis
Tobacco CaterpillarSpodoptera litura
Tortoise beetles

Aspidiomorpha miliaris,

Cassida circumdata

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