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Soils that are healthy and fertile are essential for a healthy crop.

Horticulture & organic fertiliser

Increase your crops with Go 4 Organics.

Improved soil fertility with Soil Buddy

soil fertility

Soil Buddy enriches soil & provides nutrients

Horticulture 1

Root Development

Trio works by naturally behaving as water storage and a transport for nutrients for enhanced root development

Horticulture 2

Thriving Plants

Sargasol frovides a fertiliser to assist with increased crop yields

Horticulture & Go 4 Organics

To understand what horticulture is it is defined as the art and science of growing fruits, nuts, vegetables, ornamental plants, turf grasses and nuts by harnessing the cultivation, propagation, processing and marketing elements.

Horticulture & Agriculture

Horticulture is important because it is the area of agriculture related to the science of growing and caring for plants and therefore aids in both food production and environmental health. Examples of horticulture include:-
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening
  • Growing crops for food, fiber and fuel
  • Horticultural therapy – using methods to treat patients
  • Arboriculture – the care of trees

This means that the care of every stage of the growing aspect is carefully considered and made sure it adds to science based elements being embraced for plant production, growth and crop yields.

Products for all stages of Plant Growth

Go 4 Organics offer products that can assist with every stage of plant and soil health, and because it can be used on any plant type, is a versatile and cost effective method.   Added to this value is the added benefits each product provides naturally, meaning less need to purchase additional products.

The gardening stages are the same for every type of plant and gardening situation.  The first stage is to consider the soil health, previously considered soil quality, but the recognition that the soil has living organisms means the term has been updated to include and give consideration to the importance of these.  Soil conditioners don’t just improve the quality of the soil but assist in providing nutrients to the living organisms as well.

Soil Buddy & Soil Enhancing

Soil Buddy, by Go 4 Organics, provides the nutrients required to assist with soil health by enhancing the soil.  Soil Buddy, made from neem seeds, helps with soil condition by providing soil enrichment, increased water holding capacity, slow release, decomposes naturally and therefore adding the soil condition in this stage and protects plants from pathogens and insects.  These are some of the benefits of using Soil Buddy, and it shows that this product provides all the help your soil needs to get the conditions right for soil health.

Horticulture Products

Go 4 Organics & Horticulture

Root Development

The second stage in the process is plant root development. The right conditions provide the plant with the much need stimuli for the roots to develop, and fertilisers assist with this process by giving the root system the nutrients they need. Trio is derived from ingredients found in soil compositions and is harnesses the natural abilities of the products used to hence the establishment and accelerations of plant growth.  It does this by improving soil structure, and providing nutrients to plants, thereby creating a stable soil environment that naturally acts as water storage and a transport for nutrients. As Trio is derived from natural products there are varied added benefits and some of these include plant growth and cell division, reduces effect of drought and flood, increased residence to fungal diseases, enhanced root development, better seed germination, improved shock resistance and improved soil fertility.

Plant Nutrients

The third stage in the gardening process is about the care of care of the plant and foliage and ensuring that the plant gets the right nutrients in order to not only grow but thrive.  With a solid foundation built, Saragasol then takes the plant care to the next level by providing a fertiliser, derived from Sargassum seaweed, to assist with increased crop yields. Crop yields is essentially the aim of horticulture and therefore careful consideration is taken when selecting fertilisers. Saragasol provides additional benefits, some of them including stimulant for seed germination, improved water uptake, improved nutrient uptake, frost and saline resistance, natural pest control and resistance to plant diseases.  With these added benefits, Saragasol provides naturally a range of considerations that are paramount in the science of gardening.

Go 4 Organics provides products for each stage of the horticulture process

from soil health to increased crop yields.  The products can be used together or independently, depending on the aims of the horticulture project and the elements needing consideration.  Added to this the products are organic and made from natural ingredients, there even in the break down of the products they are aiding in the health and structure of the soil and plants.


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