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SoilBuddy is an All in One Neem Cake Soil Supplement,widely acknowledged for enhancing soil fertility, balancing pH and promoting plant immunity.

Home gardens start with soil health with Soil Buddy from Go 4 Organics

Root Development

Trio promotes excellent soil structure and helps uptake of nutrients, and root development.Excellent to treat translocation stress.

Home Gardens with Go 4 Organics organic fertilisers

Bountiful Yields

Sargasol is a 4 in 1 Liquid Fertiliser made from Seaweeds induces bud breaking, increases crop yields and improves stress tolerance in plants naturally.

Soil Organic Matter

Australian soils are some of the oldest and least fertile in the world. The capacity of the soil to retain water and plant nutrients and to support plant growth is naturally low.   Despite having a large area of semi arid lands., Australian horticulture contributes significantly to the state’e economy and export revenue and feeds the growing world population.


Soil organic matter is formed by the remains of the dead plants, animal and micro organism material and approximately half of this organic matter is carbon.

Why should you have organic matter in the soil?

Organic matter is the life in the soil. It improves the soil physical properties by binding the soil particles together  and allows water and air penetration and reduces the soil erosion. This binding is done by micro organisms. Organic matter supports a greater and more varied microbial population which favours the control of biological root diseases. If the organic matter is below 2.5% then the microbes in your soil are starved. More than 95% of soil nitrogen is formed by the recently formed organic matter.( one that is 1-5 years old) which is released by micro organisms which convert it to ammonia or nitrate. The carbon di oxide is lost in the air .Organic matter is also responsible for holding upto 15-80% of phosphorus and 20-50% of sulphur . Without organic matter these nutrients become locked up in the soil and they are not made available to the plants.

Products for all stages of Plant Growth

Go 4 Organics offer products that can assist with every stage of plant growth and soil health. It can be used on a range of vegetable crops and fruit crops and is a versatile and cost effective, alternative natural farming product that advocates regenerative agricultural practices.   Added to this value is the added benefits each product provides naturally, meaning less need to purchase additional products and significant reduce in input costs for future produce.

Most horticultural crops like broccoli,or cauliflower or carrots thrive on pest free conditions to promote a great yield.  It is extremely important to create an ideal pest free disease free soil and the soil health is of prime importance. The soil should promote a diverse growth of soil micro organisms.  Soil conditioners don’t just improve the quality of the soil but assist in providing nutrients to the living organisms.

Soil Buddy- Neem as Soil Amendment

Soil Buddy, by Go 4 Organics, is an All in One Neem Soil Supplement, which  provides all the nutrients required to assist with soil health. Soil Buddy, made from neem seeds, has natural insecticidal properties which keeps soil borne pathogens consistently away and also helps with soil conditioning. Neem naturally has many active ingredients which promote bio chemical reactions in the soil and  provides soil enrichment, increased water holding capacity and  decomposes naturally.  

Organic & Natural

Natural & Organic Plant Growth Promoters

Root Development

The most important aspect is  the development of  roots. The right conditions provide the plant with the much need stimuli for the roots to develop, and fertilisers assist with this process by giving the root system the nutrients they need.   Trio is derived from ingredients found in soil compositions and is harnesses the natural abilities of the products used to hence the establishment and accelerations of plant growth.  It does this by improving soil structure, and providing nutrients to plants, thereby creating a stable soil environment that naturally acts as water storage and a transport for nutrients. As Trio is derived from natural products there are varied added benefits and some of these include plant growth and cell division, reduces effect of drought and flood, increased residence to fungal diseases, enhanced root development, better seed germination, improved shock resistance and improved soil fertility.

Plant Shoot Development

Promoting improved photosynthesis and improved plant foliage is  important when it comes to the vegetative phase of plant growth. It is vital  that the plant gets the right nutrients in order to not only grow but thrive.   Sargasol takes the plant care to the next level by providing all the required plant stimulation in a liquid fertiliser form. Sargasol is  derived from Sargassum seaweed which is the primary food source in marine animals and this provides a protein source,. It contains phytohormones , trace elements in a biological formulation which promotes improved bud formations, improved  stress tolerance to biotic and abiotic stressors and promotes increased crop yields. 

Sargasol also can be used as a stimulant for seed germination. It naturally induces plant growth and promotes added benefits of  improved water uptake,  nutrient uptake, frost and saline resistance, natural pest control and resistance to plant diseases.  

Go4Organics promotes Natural Soil Health

From Soil health to Increased crop yields, our entire products can be used together or independently, with other agricultural inputs. The goodness of the natural raw material will continue to promote increased soil health.

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