How to grow great lawns using Soil Buddy

Nothing can be pleasing to eyes than the pleasing lush green grass…

Soil Buddy Helps Grow Great lawns

Features of Soil Buddy for Lawns

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How to grow great lawns using Soil Buddy

Nothing can be more pleasing to eye than lush green grass…

Managing to grow one and maintain them is not always easy, although it is on the wishlist of many lawn addicts. While most are known to use fertilisers, use of an organic fertiliser can go a long way in establishing your healthy lawn and keep it that way naturally.

Here are a few suggestions to keep the pests away from your lawn and keeping Natural in  – the Go 4 Organic way.

Lawns are very easily prone to weeds and soil borne pathogens and pests like lawn beetles, chinch bug, Crambus, Sod Webworms, bill bugs, white grubs, cutworms, army worms, so it is important to have an auto pilot method to keep them away from your lawn consistently. As you might have noted that most of these grubs feed on the roots of the grass and destroy the growth of the lawn. Bugs and beetles feed on the leaf of the grass. So it is important to have this addressed right from the start of your lawn preparation. We all agree that prevention is better than cure.

Step 1 : Prepare the Lawn bed:

While preparing the soil bed for the lawn, use a natural soil supplement which has insecticidal properties, which will change not only the immediate problem of insecticidal attack, but also enrich the soil on a long term basis. Neem has been widely acknowledged for its insecticidal properties and balancing of acidic and alkalinity of soil in a natural way. Any product that you add into the soil will have effect on the physical, chemical and biological nature of your soil.

For example if you add a fertiliser, which is rich in iron sulphate, it changes the physical properties of the grass and addresses the problem temporarily. However in the long run, this in turn affects the biological nature of your soil. The microbial population in the soil are disturbed and it damages the eco system of your soil. It could also have chemical effects in your soil structure, as your soil could not be lacking sulphur and if you add that more, it affects the balance of chemicals in your soil structure thereby affecting the absorption of the right nutrients by your plants.

So adding a product that does not interfere with these balances and promotes the soil structure naturally and keeps your soil‘s ecosystem intact is your key for a great lawn.

Soil Buddy is a natural Soil Supplement that is derived from Neem seed kernels. Mix SOIL BUDDY in the ratio of 3 kg per cubic metre application. Lawns will grow lush green if you provide good aeration to the soil underneath, and maintain the right amount of moisture retained in the soil. So, while preparing the soil bed, it is important to apply thoroughly and rake the soil and mix thoroughly along with the soil. The neem soil conditioner eventually turns into humus, and also has slow release fertiliser properties, which keeps the nutrition requirements balanced besides maintaining a favourable neutral Ph. It maintains the aeration as it contains Magnesium naturally and improves the moisture retention factor of your soil. The bitter element of Nimbidin, continues to deter soil pests away on an ongoing basis.

Step 2: Feed the Lawn:

The most important aspect is the development of roots in the lawn and this can be promoted naturally if your soil is rich in humus. The liquid solution of humic, fulvic and amino acid acts as a perfect natural booster, promoting rapid root development of the grass and continues to maintain the soil structure.

Step 3 Maintain your Lawn:

As the Neem Soil Conditioner (SOIL BUDDY) is in a coarse powder form it can be easily raked in with the soil and mixed thoroughly. The result is … you have a lush green garden lawn, free from soil pathogens


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