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Growing your own fruit and veggies means you have control of what you are producing.

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Organic Fertilisers for the Home garden

Helping the home gardener produce higher yields in the veggie patch, on the fruit trees, or the flowering natives.

Home Gardening with Go 4 Organics

Home gardening can seem to be a bit far fetched for some but it is not all that difficult as it seems. You can grow everything right from growing flowering beds or foliage dense plants to growing herbs and vegetables and fruit trees.  

When embarking on the gardening journey it can seem daunting to understand what is entailed in having a garden that is thriving. Organic products are increasingly becoming popular as we want to steer away from chemicals and enjoy the healthy food produce.  

Go 4 Organics range of products are an excellent addition to your home garden project as all our products are made from natural ingredients like neem seeds, and natural materials and they are versatile and can be used for any plant.

Home Garden 1-2-3 with Go 4 Organics organic fertilisers & conditioners.

Start with Soil Health

Garden care begins with preparing the soil for food production.  Soil health is of prime importance and it is important to maintain the ecological balance and diversity of your soil. 

 Soil buddy, made from neem seeds, is an organic soil conditioner designed to enhance the soil. Neem seeds come from the neem tree, native to India and can be found in other south-eastern countries. 

Every part of the tree is useful and the seeds help with soil conditioning by providing soil enrichment, increased water holding capacity,  decomposes naturally, protects plants from pathogens and insects and promotes a disease free, resilient and  better yield in your garden.  

Getting the soil right is the first step in establishing your home garden.

Enhance Root Growth

Now that you have created an solid disease free immune land for your veggie patch or your fruit tree patch, it is time to focus on building the root development of your saplings.

Trio is an organic liquid fertiliser which is an excellent addition to our soils as it comprises of liquid humic acid. This enhances the soil structure and provides nutrients to plants, creates a stable soil environment by naturally behaving as water storage and a transport for nutrients.  Some of the added benefits of using Trio is it promotes plant growth and cell division, increases resistance to fungal diseases, and transplantation stress. 

It  can be used on foliage spray or as a soil drench to promote enhanced root development, better seed germination, improved shock resistance and improved soil fertility.


Bountiful Plant Yields

Plants require the right nutrients to grow and thrive, and with a solid foundation,  the plant and foliage care is the next consideration.  

Sargasol, made from Sargassum seaweed, is an organic liquid fertiliser designed to promote natural plant growth.   Sargasol being a completely natural product is enriched with phytohormones, which provide the natural plant growth stimulation . Sargassum is the primary food source for marine animals and has richer content of plant available nutrients and promotes excellent resistance. When absorbed through foliar spray, it promotes more buds and prevents immature fruit fall and induces flowering and builds plants resilence to various stresses. Decompose naturally adding to the soil composition which is an added bonus. 

Sargaso​l is also an excellent stimulant for seed germination. Promotes  improved water uptake, improved nutrient uptake, frost and saline resistance, natural pest control and resistance to plant diseases.

Go4 Organics in your garden

Go 4 Organics range of products are environment friendly, natural and excellent addition to your home garden inputs and can be used together or separately with other plant products, depending on the requirements of your garden.  


Go 4 Organics range of certified organic products for the home garden