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Go 4 Organics

Fertilisers and Pesticides  made from Natural and Bio sources. Organics and Non Toxic

Go 4 Organics

Our mission is to create awareness amongst our local community of farmers and home gardeners about the power of plant based fertiliser products and the impact of harmful inputs to soil health.

We offer a range of environmental friendly , bio degradable and natural organic products which promote food security and a safe environment by delivering excellent service to our customers.

We are a WA Family Owned business and our products are backed by science, proven and tested by researchers and soil scientists.

We can supply locally to any of ports across Australia

Go 4 Organics

Premium Certified Organic Fertilisers

Our products

Sargasol - Premium Organic Liquid Fertiliser


Sargasol is a premium class liquid fertiliser which is an organically synthesised formulation in a seaweed base called Sargassum. Sargassum contains growth promoting hormones and is fortified with essential nutrients.

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Soil Buddy

The C:N ratio of Soil Buddy enables faster degradation in the soil to form Humus, which improves the fertility and productivity of soil. Soil Buddy also protect the roots from soil borne insects and pathogens.

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TRIO is a liquid fertiliser which comprises of an organic formulation containing Essential Organic Acids (EOA). It is an ideal product that can be introduced in early stage growth for root establishment in young plants.

Go 4 Organics. Keeping Nature Natural.

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